Alabama, Clemson fans enjoy New Orleans on eve of Sugar Bowl

Alabama, Clemson fans enjoy New Orleans on eve of Sugar Bowl

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Red and Orange flooded the streets of New Orleans, Sunday.

Alabama and Clemson fans are in town for the Sugar Bowl, Monday, and they didn't waste any time exploring everything the city has to offer.

"We wanted to make sure we left Nashville to make sure we got here for the parade," explained Alabama fan Amy Wilhite.

Come rain or cold, nothing could keep these fans from the Crescent City this weekend.

"We came for the Sugar Bowl and came to watch the game and we just thought we'd come and eat some good food while we were here," said Wilhite.

For Wilhite, the fandom is a family affair. That means following Alabama through thick in thin, far and wide.

"Hope we come out with a win tomorrow and Roll Tide!" Wilhite said.

"I came to see the Clemson Tigers win a football game," said Amy Iakovakis.

Judging by the sea of orange at Sunday's parade, Clemson fans are equally devout.

As expected, fans and alumni turned out in droves for the Allstate Sugar Bowl weekend and all the festivities that come along with it. That includes Fan Fest, where Morgan Floyd looks to spend most of her time despite the weather.

"It's a little cold right now but it's okay. We'll get through it," Floyd said.

"We're huge Clemson fans," said Floyd. "My boyfriend and his whole family graduated from Clemson. Go Tigers!"

Yet, few fans can ignore the options that come with spending New Years in New Orleans.

"I think think we're planning on going to Jackson Square," said Iakovakis.

"We're just going to enjoy the atmosphere and being around all the people. The Clemson fans are great, the Alabama fans are great, so we just love being here," Wilhite said.

Sugar Bowl kickoff is 7:45 p.m., Monday.

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