Juan's World: Time for Saints to turn the page

Juan's World: Time for Saints to turn the page

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and I've already turned the page on the Saints loss to Tampa on Sunday and you should too. In the grand scheme of things, Sunday's loss to the Bucs won't mean a thing when the playoffs kick off next week in the Dome. No one will remember how the Saints blew a late 4th quarter lead to Tampa because their defense fell asleep on a final Tampa drive that covered 94-yards in just under two minutes.

None of that will matter unless, the Saints don't learn from their mistakes in Tampa and apply them to next Sunday's third game against the Carolina Panthers.

So, playoff football is finally here and let's see what the Saints 'remember' about this time in the NFL's calendar.

Juan's World, Juan's World....Excellent!!!!

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