Brees ready for another Saints playoff run

Updated: Jan. 3, 2018 at 6:40 PM CST
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(WVUE) - He's the best player to ever lace em up for the black and gold. But even Drew Brees admitted, at this stage of his career, after three straight losing seasons,  he needed a year like this one.

"To be playing, to be making a run to be back in the hunt. Absolutely, this is great." Brees told reporters Wednesday.

Things are a little different for Brees as he enters the playoffs this time  around. On January 15th, he'll celebrate his 39th birthday and says as he's gotten older, he's had to tweak his approach to maintain his level of success.

"Just the ability to manage a work week, understanding what's really important," Brees explained. "I spend a lot more time taking care of my body than I did ten years ago. So, that just means I have to be uber efficient with everything I'm doing."

Statistically, it's been an interesting season for Brees. He hasn't had to do quite as much as in years past. He had a career high in completion percentage (72%) but also has thrown for the fewest since becoming a Saint (4334)  his fewest number of passes (536) since 2009.

"Sure is nice. Does it change the way I prepare? No. Does it change my mindset going into the game? No." Brees said. "It's just when you add up the number of throws, I don't know what it was but it's probably my fewest attempts in a long time, right? If you're taking away five, seven, ten attempts a game and those are going to the run game, well that means you're doing something right in the run game."

For Brees, it's all about another ring because as his 17th season comes to a close, he doesn't know how many more opportunities he'll have left.

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