New developments in Nanette Krentel death investigation

New developments in Nanette Krentel death investigation
Updated: Jan. 5, 2018 at 4:03 PM CST
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There are new developments in the controversy surrounding the death of North Shore teacher Nanette Krentel, whose body was found last summer in her burned-down Lacombe-area home. She had been shot in the head.
Tom Williamson, one of the firefighters who brought complaints of wrongdoing against Nanette's husband, District 12 Fire Chief Stephen Krentel, has been placed on administrative leave.
Williamson said he feared retaliation when he filed the complaint. His leave with pay was approved by the fire district board of commissioners, which voted to investigate Krentel last month.
Stephen Krentel has denied allegations of intimidation and theft.

In the meantime, Nanette Krentel's sisters are now bringing their frustrations over the unsolved case to Louisiana's lieutenant governor and attorney general. They say they have questions about the investigation and want state officials to get involved. For seven months they been waiting for answers as to who was responsible for the death of their sister.

"It needs to go over our local authorities," said sibling Amy Bernard. "I was on the scene. I've never been talked to. From day one we have not gotten any information. None of us has been interviewed."

They also brought their concerns to Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser.
"He definitely is going to get to the bottom of it, put his finger on the pulse and make sure things happen," said sister Wendy Watson.
"I just want to make sure they get the truth of what really happened," said Nungesser, who said he shares the family's concerns. "I can make sure that everything is done in the right way and not just dragged on. I'm not saying that anyone is doing anything wrong, but the fact that family members have to reach out to anyone who will talk to them should not happen."
Two weeks ago Nanette's sisters visited the FBI, which is also involved in the investigation, along with the state fire marshal and the St. Tammany sheriff.  The sheriff cleared Stephen Krentel in his wife's death.
St. Tammany sheriff's spokeswoman Meredith Timberlake commented on their handling of the investigation, saying:

The FBI has been investigating this case along with us, and they are aware of all information and evidence that we have. If there is something that the state can do to further the investigation that between our investigation and the FBI's we were unable to do, we most certainly welcome their assistance.

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