Couple detours to NOLA for dream wedding amid winter weather

Couple detours to NOLA for dream wedding amid winter weather

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The onslaught of winter weather that hit the northeast threw a major wrench in travelers' plans, canceling or delaying hundred of flights. Yet, for one couple, the storm almost put an end to their wedding. That is, until they found a new destination to tie the knot-- New Orleans.

"I declare that they are now husband and wife."

Meagan Miller cheers, lifting her hand, intertwined with her husband's, into the air.

It's a moment Meagan thought may never come, especially not here.

"We did not plan to be in New Orleans," Meagan said. "Originally, we planned to get married in New York City on Friday. We flew out of Knoxville at 5:45 Thursday morning, landed in Atlanta and they canceled our flight to LaGuardia."

"We said no problem, we'll just book it again and that happened about 10 times," said Meagan's mother Tracie Miller.

Winter weather in the northeast grounded one flight after another, until the airline gave Meagan and her fiancé the worst news yet.

"There was just no way we were getting to New York," Meagan said. "I cried and then, you know, I had a moment and my wonderful husband now, he just said it doesn't matter where we get married. As long as it's you and I, that's all that matters."

The couple spoke with ticketing agents, pleading for a place, any place, they could fly to tie the knot.

"They said how about New Orleans and we said, 'yes, get us to New Orleans,'" said Meagan.

They landed late Thursday with a few family members. Meagan's dress arrived Saturday afternoon.

"I didn't think I would cry that much just because we've been through so much the last three days, we're all just so glad to get it done," said Tracie. "And then I see her coming down the aisle and I just start crying."

Now, the newlyweds and their families say the Crescent City will always hold a special place in their hearts.

"It didn't matter that it didn't go exactly like I wanted it to. Of course, I'm disappointed it didn't, but this turned out amazing. This has been wonderful. I hear it's -10° in New York and it is beautiful here in New Orleans, so it wasn't what we thought it was going to be but we're really happy with it," Meagan explained.

"This has just been such a blessing to be here. We loved it here. This is where we really feel like we should've been anyways," said Tracie.

While in town, the newlyweds also took time to explore the city, taking a stroll down Bourbon Street and shopping the French Market.

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