Donations keep coming from Vikings fans to Thomas Morstead's foundation

Updated: Jan. 17, 2018 at 9:07 PM CST
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(WVUE) - It's an ending that's still hard to comprehend. But lost in the aftermath of the Saints chaotic loss to the Vikings Sunday was the fact that the Minnesota still had to kick the extra point.

League rules mandate that the opposing team must be present but all the Saints were in the locker room. A few eventually returned to the field. Punter Thomas Morstead was the first after hearing a request from John Kuhn.

"He was trying to rally some guys to go and right as he said that I was walking in the locker room," Morstead explained. "He's like 'Thomas go, get out there.' I just went; I wasn't leading the troops out for the last play or anything. I wasn't trying to make a statement or anything. They just needed 11 guys to finish out the game."

Still the image of Morstead trotting back out on the field, combined with him playing through a rib injury, resonated with Vikings fans. So much so that someone located Morstead's 'What You Give Will Grow' foundation and donated. Morstead first learned of it Monday night from the foundation's executive director.

"He was like 'Hey these are all Vikings fans.' They're all Minnesota addresses so we're assuming they're Vikings fans. So he started digging around online and found a Reddit post where somebody had I guess they were inspired in some way."

Once it caught fire in media outlets and social media, the donations starting pouring in. At the time of this post, the total was over $84,000 and still growing. Morstead said every dollar will go to the Children's Hospital in Minnesota.

"It got to a certain point I said 'Okay, that's great if it gets to $100,000. I'll fly up there during the Super Bowl week even if the Vikings are in it, and I'll go do the check presentation."

It's a small consolation for the way the season ended but still worth it.

The number soared past he $100,000 mark Wednesday evening.

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