Boil advisory won't stop restaurant from serving breakfast

Boil advisory won't stop restaurant from serving breakfast

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - At Anita's World Famous Grill on Tulane, the grill Friday morning was just about as useful as the water, between a broken ventilator hood and a water advisory, there were only three things on the menu: grits, eggs, and coffee.

"We came from the VA, so we're hungry, so we're good with anything you can cook up these days, trying to make the best you can," Carol Pfister said.

Dwana Terrance, the manager at Anita's, knows despite the challenges there's a reason they keep the door open.

"We're here for the customers, I mean they know they can come here and get a good hot meal and it doesn't matter what they're getting. They're just happy to be here. I think it's because of the atmosphere, we treat people like they're at home, like family," Terrance said.

For the guests, the boil water advisory is just another blip on the radar of life in New Orleans.

"I think that the city will eventually bring it to a head and everything will be back to normal again, that's just the city of New Orleans, we always find a way to turn things around and get back to where we need to be," Rev. Leonard Vincent, a regular at the restaurant, said.

For some, even a few days without usable running water or a limited breakfast menu is still a reason to celebrate.

"Well, first of all, you've gotta thank God you're alive. He wakes you up in the morning, you gotta go get it. Regardless what you got to do, you got to go get it, that's right. So the people that are complaining out there, wake up this morning, you thank God, get you a towel, get a dripping faucet, and wash your face and go get it," Calvin Turner, another regular at Anita's, said.

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