White House phone message blames Democrats

White House phone message blames Democrats

(RNN) – Partisan politics, what have you brought us today?

If you called the White House comments line before Monday afternoon, you could hear a message blaming the Democrats for the government shutdown.

Thank you for calling the White House. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your call today, because congressional Democrats are holding government funding, including funding for our troops and other national security priorities, hostage to an unrelated immigration debate. Due to this obstruction, the government is shut down. In the meantime, you can leave a comment for the president at www.whitehouse.gov/contact. We look forward to taking your calls as soon as the government reopens.

Social media exploded over White House message.

With partisan politics also comes partisan bickering on social media.

The government shutdown began at midnight Friday night after Congress failed to pass a bill to fund government operations and agencies. It ended Monday afternoon when they passed a continuing resolution to pay the bills through Feb. 8.

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