After Further Review: Analyzing the market for Kenny Vaccaro

Kenny Vaccaro is a free agent. Source: Mark Lagrange
Kenny Vaccaro is a free agent. Source: Mark Lagrange
Updated: Jan. 23, 2018 at 10:03 PM CST
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(WVUE) - Kenny Vaccaro's future in New Orleans is up in the air. Other than Drew Brees, he's the club's most marquee free agent this offseason. But, unlike Brees, he's also the team's most vulnerable to lose.

The question is how much can Vaccaro realistically expect on the open market. To get a good gauge of his value, I located three other strong safeties that were also drafted in 2013 that all signed new contracts last season.

(all numbers provided by Spotrac)

The Field

Tony Jefferson

Age: 25

Contract: 4year/ $34M

Avg Salary: $8.5 M/year

Guaranteed: $19M

Career Notable Stats:

7.5 sacks

2 Fumble recoveries

7 Forced Fumbles

13 PBU's

3 INT's

Missed 1 Game in Career

John Cyprien

Age: 27

Contract: 4year/$25M

Avg Salary: $6.2M/year

Guaranteed: $9M

Career Notable Stats

4 Forced Fumbles

2 Fumble Recoveries

Missed 10 career games

Averaged over 100 tackles per season

3 sacks

2 INT's

Micah Hyde

Age: 27

Contract: 5yr/$30M

Avg Salary: $6.1M/year

Guaranteed: $14M

Career Notable Stats

13 INT's

4 sacks

3 Fumble recoveries

37 PBU's

Kenny Vaccaro

Age: 27

Contract: ______

Avg Salary: ______

Guaranteed: _______

Career Notable Stats:

8 INT's

7.5 sacks

30 PBU's

4 forced fumbles

3 fumble recoveries

Missed 12 career games

Versatility has always been the most coveted asset of Vaccaro. So, it's no surprise that he easily has the most versatile resume' on this list. The part of his game he's probably a bit under-appreciated for is his pass coverage. He may not be great but his production is better than most may realize. He's second on this list in interceptions and pass break-ups. He's also one of the league's best blitzing safeties; in this group he's tied for the lead in sacks and fumble recoveries. He can also be a force in run support. The worst thing on his resume' is the amount of games he's missed. But he's not considered injury prone by most standards around the league.

Vaccaro's Value

Based on these numbers, the market last year was set between $6.1M-$8.5M per season and between $9M-$19M guaranteed.

Vaccaro's camp should try to top it. His resume' is on par or even better than the guys on this list. With an expected increase in the NFL salary cap, the numbers at this position should inflate some.

That would put Vaccaro at $8.5M-$9M per season with at least $20M guaranteed. (It should also be noted that this would not make him the highest paid strong safety in football. Kam Chancellor and Reshad Jones both average $12M a season.)

Vaccaro should do everything in his power to maximize his market value. He's earned it. However, there's uncertainty on if he'll get it in New Orleans. Vonn Bell has a similar skill set and is still on his rookie deal. Plus, from Vaccaro to Bell to Marcus

Williams, the team has done well in identifying quality safeties in the draft.

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