Residents frustrated after city issues another boil water advisory

Residents frustrated after city issues another boil water advisory

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Water poured out of a broken water main in Algiers for hours Tuesday flooding nearly three blocks of Wall Boulevard.

"It's kind of aggravating you know. Especially when you're at work and someone tells you you're under a boil water advisory again," says Algiers resident Willie Green.

The break and the drop in water pressure it caused triggered a boil water advisory for the West Bank of Orleans Parish.

Last week's freezing temperatures broke pipes throughout the area.

But Algiers resident Willie Green who lives within 20 yards of the break says he never lost water pressure until Tuesday.

"Didn't have any problem until this morning and you see what caused my problem this morning. Damn, looks like we had a flood or something."

"It's evening time and everybody trying to cook and wind down for the evening and you just can't do it," says resident Yolande Wallace. "You might as well go by somebody's house."

But even though the water advisory impacts only the West Bank of Orleans, the East Bank is still dealing with water problems.

A broken pipe on Esplanade Avenue in the French Quarter sprays water constantly. And nearly a week after freezing temperatures, a broken pipe revealed itself Tuesday at Phillip Miller's house.

"It was pretty unexpected. It wasn't even cold last night so I guess maybe the damage had been done. It's an old building. It's 130-years-old so it just wore out the pipe, maybe," says Miller. "What can you do? It's New Orleans. It's almost like a third world country in some parts where services are being down all the time but you get used to it."

The Louisiana Department of Health has begun collecting water samples related to the precautionary boil water advisory on the West Bank.

The City hopes to get the results back sometime tomorrow.

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