WATCH: Water leak creates giant hole in Gentilly street

WATCH: Water leak creates giant hole in Gentilly street

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "It started in October. We had a little small drainage problem that was flowing from that section there," resident Wonona Carbo said.

In the 2700 block of Clover Street, the hole is several feet deep with water pouring out of it.

"It's an accident waiting to happen. Someone can seriously get hurt. If it's that size now and vehicles continue to pass because they don't know that there's a hole there, they are going to get stuck in there," Carbo said.

Tuesday morning, that's exactly what happened when a truck ended up losing its front tire in the hole.

"It's crazy because we've been complaining since October, and it could have gotten repaired before it got to this situation," Carbo said.

A steady flow of water is pouring into the street and making it's way to a drain about a half a block away. Wonona Carbo said it's like a stream running through the neighborhood. She also said the water pressure is low.

"It's very low. You got to take a pot to fill up water to make dishwater to wash the dishes because the pressure is so low in your house," she said.

The Sewerage and Water Board told FOX 8 the leak is one of thousands right now on a list to be repaired.

It said the prolonged freeze earlier this month led to new leaks from broken pipes and worsened leaks that already existed. They say crews are working around the clock to make repairs, but it's unclear how long it will be before crews reach the 2700 block of Clover.

"A small kid could get lost in that hole if it don't get repaired," Carbo said.

Carbo is worried the problem will get worse before help arrives.

"Eventually, if the pipes are broken there and they don't do the proper repair, it is going to break somewhere else," she said.

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