VIDEO: Surveillance camera captures French Quarter attack by group on bikes

VIDEO: Surveillance camera captures French Quarter attack by group on bikes

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "They do their little deeds down here in the Lower Quarter, it seems," says a French Quarter resident.

Surveillance video shows what unfolded Jan. 26 around 10 p.m. when a group of people on bikes attacked and robbed a man on Barracks Street.

"These young people, middle teens, circled him, robbed him and took his cell phone," says the resident.

FOX 8 will not identify the resident, but he says he's seen the same group of teenagers up to no good, riding their bikes around the 700 block of Barracks Street.

"I see them once or twice a week. I always warn people to stay away from them," says the resident.

Police say there were between six and nine suspects on the bicycles. All of them were wearing hooded sweatshirts and had their faces partially covered.

"It's just another black eye for the city of New Orleans. That's so unnecessary," says Robby Robinson.

Robinson has lived in the French Quarter for 19 years. He says at night, the 700 block of Barracks is especially dark, making it easier to become a victim.

"At the end of the night when you can't even go a half a block down the street and have a drink without fear of being mugged, it's a problem," says Robinson.

Robinson says the French Quarter is supposed to be about having the freedom to roam around and enjoy what it has to offer. He says no one should have to live in fear.

"I think the city and the people who live here deserve better than that. I really do," he says.

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