Morstead goes back to Minnesota for his foundation

Morstead goes back to Minnesota for his foundation

(WVUE) - As he boards a plane to head to Minnesota, Thomas Morstead is still in disbelief. Two seemingly routine acts on the football field have led to so much goodwill.

"I wasn't doing anything special.  My teammates play with crazy injuries all the time. You don't really get to see specialists play with injuries that they maybe could play with. Though it was tough to deal with, it's something that we would all do. And me coming out for the last play of the game, somebody had to do it, and I was dressed out and ready to go," said Saints punter Thomas  Morstead

As the story goes, a Vikings fan was impressed, made a Reddit post complimenting his sportsmanship, and began asking for donations to What You Give Will Grow. The donations caught fire, and now Morstead is on his way to the Twin Cities to drop off a check at the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis for $220,000.

"I'm looking forward to going to the hospital. We're going to see some of the kids, I think we'll have some Vikings guys be a part of that. I'm sure the kids will be appreciative that someone is financially supporting the things that will affect them in the hospital," said Morstead.

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