Jefferson Parish changes Centurions start time due to weather

Jefferson Parish changes Centurions start time due to weather

ELMWOOD, LA (WVUE) - Jefferson Parish is moving the start time for a Friday night parade and is eyeing several other changes due to weather.

They are also talking to Orleans krewes about taking nights that are open.

This is a time when hundreds of Jefferson Parish employees and thousands of parade-goers will be watching the weather and adjusting accordingly. With storm clouds gathering across the metro area as we head into the heart of the Carnival season, a lot of plans are up in the air.

"You gotta watch, because you gotta know how to dress, what to bring, make it as comfortable as possible," said David Gomez, a Carnival diehard.

He said he never misses a parade, and keeping up with changes this year due to weather could get tricky. Jefferson Parish officials are trying to shift some krewes, like Centurions, into Thursday night, which looks good weather-wise. But they're meeting resistance.

"They're not going to move, but Centurions will roll at 6:30 p.m. instead of 7:30 p.m. on Friday night," said Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni.

The parish also asked Isis to move to Lundi Gras, but the krewe said they will watch the weather as they stick to their Saturday schedule.

"Isis has already requested 6 p.m. on Monday if they can't go on Saturday," said Yenni.

The parish has also reached out to some Orleans Parish krewes, who could run into bigger weather problems due to tighter schedules.

"I've had discussions with a couple of captains, and they said if we have to move can we talk to you, and I said we're open with anything," said Yenni.

Parish officials say they need about a day of lead time, but they'll do whatever they can to accommodate Orleans krewes.

"We have enough officers on the streets of Jefferson Parish to accommodate, and we will make that happen with our reserve and our uniformed division," said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto.

Whatever happens, David Gomez said he'll be on the streets.

"Wear a poncho...haha wear a poncho," he said. "It only happens once a year, so you go when they are there."

If some parades roll during the rain, Jefferson Parish officials said they may shorten some routes to speed things up, possibly eliminating whole blocks of Severn and Bonnabel if conditions warrant.

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