Parade-goers getting ready for a wet weekend

Parade-goers getting ready for a wet weekend

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - People living and working along the Endymion route are planning to party rain or shine. That's good news for one local business that's counting on a big crowd this weekend.

Some are even camping out on Orleans Avenue to make sure their parade spot is secured.

"We marked it about two weeks ago," said parade-goer Alex Dwyer.

But spray painting the neutral ground wasn't enough for Dwyer and his friends.

"We're camping out until Endymion," said parade-goer Brandt Daniels.

They plan to put up canopies Saturday and take some other bad weather precautions.

"I've been telling people, 'Well I guess I'm wearing a swimsuit,'" said Daniels. "I hope the weather stays good, but I just hope for everyone to still have the same fun as they do every year."

While those dedicated parade-goers are passing the time and hoping for a good time, a local restaurant general manager we spoke with is getting ready - because Endymion is big business.

"We do about 75 percent more business on that one day than a normal day, and it's a big deal for us, it's our second busiest day of the year next to Cinco," said Felipe's General Manager John Sanchez.

And when he heard there was rain in the forecast?

"Well, you start to panic for a couple of reasons. You've got the labor you've built up because you have people here getting things ready and you have all of this product on hand that you've ordered, really for one day for four days of business, so you've got all this in-house stuff, and then you go wow what's going to happen if it rains?" said Sanchez.

Now, he's counting on the super krewe to roll rain or shine.

"The hope for Saturday? No rain. And, a lot of people. Mainly that's about it. If it rains, if it doesn't flood we will be good, sprinkles they're still going to go for it so, we will be here ready to go," said Sanchez.

And in this town, chances are good there will be a party no matter what.

The New Orleans Visitors and Convention Bureau says despite Saturday's forecast, they're still seeing strong hotel occupancy percentages. They're more than 80 percent booked now. And, that's climbing into the 90s over the weekend.

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