Endymion parade moved up, revelers stick it out in nasty weather

Endymion parade moved up, revelers stick it out in nasty weather

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Rainy skies were no match for spirited revelers, determined to see the 2018 Krewe of Endymion. The parade rolled early, Saturday, to avoid some of the moisture. Even so, some got soaked.

"Two shirts on, a sweater and a poncho," said Analice Allen, describing her attire.

Many donned a poncho and rain boots for what was forcasted to be a wet Carnival Saturday.

Yet, parade-goers remained optimistic.

"It's not stopping our party," said Colden West.

Endymion rolled half an hour early to avoid wet weather.

"We're ready," said Monica Martin. "Hopefully, the rain will hold up so the people can enjoy themselves. They're out here dancing, eating, having fun. That's what Mardi Gras is all about."

"We love it. Rain can't stop us," said Louisiana native Joseph Gunnells.

Gunnells drove more than a day to get to New Orleans.

"It took 35 hours to get here but we're here with the rest of our family," he said. "We drove here from Bakersfield California."

"We put those tents up in two minutes when the rain started," said Kaitlin Joerger. "I'm loving it. We got three bathrooms and we have food."

Some nearby residents held out, waiting until heavy rains passed before heading to the parade.

"We mosey on over but the party's here. We're doing karaoke post parade so come on back!" Joerger said.

Yet, others had no qualms about sticking it out along the route, no matter the weather.

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