Rex 2018: From flying planes to ruling the city

Rex 2018: From flying planes to ruling the city

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The King of Carnival 2018 is Lynes "Poco" Sloss, President and CEO of Bellwether Technology Corporation. He is at his best when he is preparing to take to the skies in his Beechcraft Bonanza plane.

"When I fly it clears my head," he said. "You're not thinking about what's going on at the office. It's relaxing," he said.

Now, his spirits soar for a different reason.

"I'm thinking 'wow' this is really going to happen. I'll be riding around on that float and going to the ball and sitting on that throne. I'm excited," he said.

Sloss co-founded Bellwether Technology Corporation in 1980. He's led the company since 1988.

"I've always been attracted to technology and I built my own computer in 1978. It was a pretty nerdy thing to do, but I liked it. In 1980 I got into business selling computers. Now, we're one of the service providers," he said.

Sloss has been a community leader, serving on a long list of boards over the years. The Audubon Nature Institute, NOMA, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, and NOCCA, to name a few. He is also proud the Rex Organization's Pro Bono Publico foundation donated a million dollars for underserved charter schools.

"I hope that means the children get a better education and are prepared to live and make New Orleans a better place for  the next three hundred years," he said.

The avid duck hunter is more comfortable in camouflage than the fancy duds he'll wear on the throne. He calls it his first adventure in stockings. He smiles when he thinks of how Mardi Gras brings people together.

"You are riding along on a float and someone says you want a chicken leg I've barbecued on the grill? That guy or that gal wouldn't do that any other day. people put aside problems and enjoy the day. They love the city," Sloss exclaimed.