ATV crackdown welcomed by sister of victim

ATV crackdown welcomed by sister of victim

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It happened again on Sunday.

Drivers on Interstate 10 near Causeway Boulevard said they feared for their lives as a half-dozen motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles took over all three lanes of the interstate.

"Oh my God, we're gonna die," said a passenger in a vehicle being blocked by a dirt bike rider doing a wheelie just feet from the front of their vehicle.

The driver said the off-road vehicles were holding up drivers and making obscene gestures.

Meantime over the weekend, State Police began trying to crack down.

"I was excited not to see anyone go to jail, but they are finally doing something," said Tiffany Cola, the sister Daphne Cola, a woman killed four years ago by an illegal ATV on Claiborne Avenue.

On Saturday, State Police arrested four people on Claiborne for illegally operating ATVs and dirt bikes on city streets.

Aundrea Porter and Kenneth Jackson of New Orleans were arrested for reckless operation and possession of marijuana. Porter was also booked with illegal carrying of a concealed weapon.

State Police also arrested Joshua Kingsley, and Reynard Dunn of Montana.

"It's not always local, but don't stop and start videotaping, stop and call 911," said trooper Melissa Matey with Louisiana State Police.

Word of the arrests was welcome news to Tiffany Cola.

"I lost my sister in a matter of seconds. We were inside, and that was it. I never talked to her again," said Tiffany.

The Cola family is grateful to State Police for cracking down, but they had to go undercover to get the job done.

"We do have unmarked units that are in and around for Mardi Gras," said Matey.

Tiffany Cola now cares for the two boys left behind after her sister's death.

"My sister was struck by an ATV with no headlights at 11 at night. If she had seen that, she could have moved," she said.

State Police say they will continue their crackdown, urging drivers who witness off road vehicles on city streets to call 911.

New Orleans police arrested Darrin Smith in the death of Daphne Cola. Smith was eventually sentenced to 10 years in jail for manslaughter.

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