Crawfish will cost you this Ash Wednesday

Crawfish will cost you this Ash Wednesday

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - The cold has had a big impact on the price of crawfish. And on this Ash Wednesday, you might get sticker shock when you go to buy them.

"It's got to level off, it's got to. We've been here 33 years, and this has been a pretty out-of-the-ordinary year," said Jeff Pohlmann who owns Chalmette seafood restaurant Today's Ketch.

This year, an early Lent and a harsh winter means the price of crawfish is about a $1.75 more for a pound than it was at this time last year. A pound of boiled crawfish will cost you close to $6.

"You have to take into consideration we have probably had the hardest winter in a long time and as popular as they were last year and that determined the amount that was coming in with the price it's just the opposite this year," said Pohlmann. "Crawfish is not coming in that great that's why you're seeing a high price."

Pohlmann says that the high price isn't good for business.

"We don't like to see these high prices, we work on volume, the more we sell the better we do and we're not selling no big volume right now," said Pohlmann.

But, there is good news, prices may drop soon.

"I think honestly crawfish are three weeks behind schedule. We need another three weeks and it should level out somewhat," said Pohlmann.

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