Sen. Kennedy: 'We need idiot control, not gun control'

Sen. Kennedy: 'We need idiot control, not gun control'

(WVUE) - There is an outcry for gun control from politicians and the public alike after a Florida school massacre left 17 dead.

"Please change your position about assault weapons. Please change your position, Mr. President, about background checks. These are two common sense things that we need to etch into law right now," said Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson.

Lawmakers are calling on President Trump and on Congress to change the law.

"President Trump needs to, you know, come forward and say he supports gun safety measures and send a signal to his people in Congress, starting with Speaker Ryan, that the NRA should not control the agenda, that it's destroying so many lives of our children throughout the United States," said Representative Barbara Lee, a democrat from California.

Yet, republican leaders, like Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, have a different take.

"You had bad people with murder in their heart and that's all there is to it," said Kennedy.

Kennedy says he doesn't agree with his more liberal colleagues, immediately vying for gun control.

He calls it a knee jerk reaction.

"I don't think it will work. I don't think it keeps guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have guns. I think criminals in the mentally ill or big gun laws pretty much like politicians keep promises. I'm not going to support more gun control. Our problem is not gun control, it's idiot control," Kennedy explained.

Kennedy says the 90 million gun owners in America should not be judged based on the actions of a select few. Instead, Kennedy is opting for active shooter drills to better prepare students, as well as qualified Security professionals in schools.

"The first way to stop a shooter is to shoot back," said Kennedy.

While some democratic leaders insist these mass shootings are not inevitable and can be curbed by gun reform, Kennedy disagrees.

"Nobody can point to a law that can be passed to stop this from happening in a country of 320 million people," Kennedy said.

President Trump has not discussed the possibility of gun reform. He did say, it is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference. Trump says we must actually make that difference and adds, 'No child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an American school.'