Jurors, family view body cam footage of Holloway shooting

Jurors, family view body cam footage of Holloway shooting
Travis Boys, accused of killing Officer Daryle Holloway

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The jury in the first-degree murder trial of accused cop killer Travis Boys got its first look Tuesday at body cam footage of the fatal shooting of New Orleans police officer Daryle Holloway.

That video prompted some Holloway family members to leave the courtroom as they fought back tears in a trial that's been going on for two days.

With lead investigator Kevin Burns describing details, jurors watched the 3-minute videotape that documents Holloway's final moments. It shows a man screaming "Let me out" followed by a scuffle. Somehow the gunman manages to slip out of a 12-by-12 hole in a partition separating the front seat of Holloway's unit from the back.

Afterward, Burns looked over pictures of the incident and testified.

"This is officer Holloway's arm as he's trying to hold on to the .40-caliber gun…you can see the handcuffs still on Travis as he's crawling through the partition in the car. It's that man sitting at the table," Burns said, indicating Boys.

Later Burns said, "This is Travis Boys over there, crawling out of the car."

Much of the day's testimony again focused on the mishandling of Boys during his initial domestic disturbance arrest by former officer Wardell Johnson hours before Holloway was shot.

Burns testified that Boys was not properly searched. Body cam images show he was slumped over in a way that allowed him to conceal a gun in his pants.

Burns said Boys should have been placed upright and searched around his waistband - something Johnson did not do.

"Those calls are always dangerous, but in this case there was a bad search procedure employed," said Eric Hessler with the Police Association of New Orleans.

Before testimony began, Judge Karen Herman admonished the defense not to put Boy's girlfriend on the stand. The girlfriend has allegedly indicated that she might be disruptive in court. Herman said if that happens, it won't be the basis for a mistrial.

Testimony is expected to continue all week.

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