Conservative or Liberal? Facebook has already decided for you

Conservative or Liberal? Facebook has already decided for you
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(WVUE) - If you haven't decided what your political likeness is yet, look no further than your Facebook settings.

A meme that is being shared around Facebook is claiming that the social media giant has placed labels on it's users political preferences based off the user's interests.

To view what you were labeled, go to your settings and click on "ads."

Under "your information," click on "Your categories."

You will see a U.S. politics category with a label of very conservative, conservative, moderate, very liberal, or liberal.

Other categories show what devices you own, such as a tablet, phone or computer, where you live, and the last time you traveled.

After Cambridge Analytica released a report regarding the access of millions of Facebook user's data, people around the world were shocked to learn how much of their information was stored by the social media network.

A Cambridge University researcher made an app that asked Facebook users to take a personality test. What people didn't know is that the test opened the door to their personal information and their friends' information.

The researcher reportedly collected the data and sold it.

In the latest reports, Facebook believes the information of up to 87 million users was improperly shared with data mining firm Cambridge Analytica, according to a company blog post.

A few weeks ago, the number of affected users was estimated to be 50 million.

Facebook has kept what most say is an alarming amount of information on their users, ranging from call logs, texts, social events, user's hometown, status updates and more.

However, there is a way to delete everything Facebook knows about you.

For instructions on that process, click here. 

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