Measles patient who attended WWE event cleared to leave hospital

Measles patient who attended WWE event cleared to leave hospital

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There are new details about the travels of a man with measles who attended a Wrestlemania event in new Orleans Friday night.

A pregnant woman from a neighboring state received word she may have been exposed, and British Airways sent out a warning to passengers on an April 5 flight from Manchester, England.

The pregnant woman says Louisiana health officials told her that the measles carrier sat within two rows of her Friday night at the Smoothie King Center after flying in to Armstrong International Airport.

"Yeah, it concerns me. I would have loved to get a notification," said Armstrong baggage handler Mario Lefort.

British health officials have been notifying passengers who sat within two rows of the infected man, but state officials have not sent out blanket notification to all airport employees.

"I think the airline should have notified me. If they informed the state, it should have been their requirement to notify everyone. if I leave here, I could get contagious," said airport worker Iniabasi Ubaka.

State health officials say with a 95 percent immunization rate, there was no need to panic those who may have had incidental contact.

"That would have been a public health disaster to notify everyone in the airport and everyone on the plane. There have been good epidemiological studies that show that the people they notified were the right people," said former city health director Dr. Brobson Lutz.

"If you notify everyone we can take action. Otherwise we are left exposed to it," said Ubaka.

The pregnant woman, who is in her 30s, received notification five days after she attended the Wrestlemania event Friday night. She said it has been nerve-wracking, but she learned today she has been immunized.

"It has stopped a tremendous pathogen. The vaccine works," Lutz said.

Though Lutz agrees with state protocol calling for limited notification, he questions the 95 percent immunization rate figure due to recent closures of city health clinics.

"We had five to seven not so many years ago. Now we have one at N Rampart, the 500 block, and that was the VD clinic back when I was around," said Lutz.

Either way, airport workers we spoke with said wish they had known.

"Now that I know, I have to get that checked out," said Lefort.

And state health officials say that's a good idea for everyone. The state health department says the measles patient is doing well and has been cleared to leave the hospital.

Though we now know which airline and which event the measles carrier attended, we have not been told anything about the two hotels he is said to have visited.

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