Some parents upset with lottery system for enrollment into Orleans schools

Some parents upset with lottery system for enrollment into Orleans schools
Updated: Apr. 12, 2018 at 8:59 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some parents are upset with the lottery system for Orleans Parish schools. It's called OneApp, and it allows parents to apply to schools by listing their child's top picks. But we're learning that some children didn't get in to any of their choices.

"She's been crying, she's upset," said Orleans Parish parent Delika Jones.

Jones says her 14-year-old is devastated.

"She wanted to try out for the dance team, she's been talking about Edna Karr for three years," said Jones.

Jones says her daughter wanted to attend Edna Karr or Warren Easton next year. But they recently found out she wasn't accepted to either school. And they're not alone in their frustration with the computerized lottery system for enrollment into Orleans schools.

"You can't use a system to place children It's just not fair," said Jones.

Since 2012, the school system has been using the OneApp program. This is how it works: Parents can apply to up to eight schools, ranking their favorite choices. Recovery School District processed 17,000 applications this year. Seventy-five percent of families were assigned to one of their choices, but 25 percent of those applicants didn't get any of their picks. RSD won't assign a child to a random school, so those parents will now have to go through the process again.

"We have so many bad schools, so everybody wants their kids in a good school," Jones said.

And this year, three schools were added to the OneApp system. There were more applicants for those popular schools than the system could accommodate. Those are Hynes Charter, Audubon Charter Uptown and Audubon Charter in Gentilly.

As for Jones, she says all she can do now is try again for her daughter.

"I just told her that, you know, we will try again. That's all I can do," said Jones.

Round two of the One App process opens Monday. Parents will find out the results at the end of June.

We reached out to the Recovery School District, which runs the One App program. In a statement, the district says:

"Yesterday, families across New Orleans received their OneApp Main Round placement results for the 2018-2019 school year. EnrollNOLA received nearly 17,000 applications across all ages, infant through grade twelve. For K-12, 75 percent of families were matched to a school of their choice. Additionally, 90 percent of rising kindergarten and ninth graders were matched to a chosen school. OneApp ensures that all New Orleans families have fair and equitable access to the schools of their choice."

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