Many across metro area keep close eye on flooded streets

Many across metro area keep close eye on flooded streets
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METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - From St. John the Baptist Parish to Jefferson Parish, several streets overflowed from Saturday's downpour.

"It gets flooded really bad, so right now it looks like a lake," Rachel Nix said.

"Whenever we have bad weather like this, we all get worried," Kathleen Puissegur said.

The sky turned gray and thunder struck, with off-and -n storms throughout the day.

"9:45 it was just very dark, like very dark, it looked like nighttime outside. And then it just eased into a little downpour, and then it hit really hard," Jaslin Benefield said.

"It got really dark, like nighttime. It was way worse than it is now, and (it) started raining sideways, and we just knew it was going to be flooded outside," Nix said.

Some employees said they're used to this weather, and it doesn't stop them from doing business.

"It's known to flood. Like throughout the community, everyone knows like these couple streets are going to flood," Nix said.

"Sometimes it's really flooded outside. Nobody canceled appointments, still came in," Lesli Mazique said.

Those with businesses on Metairie Road kept a close eye on the inching water.

"Usually, we'll flood, but it hasn't flooded today. It came up to the sidewalk there, but then it went back down because it slacked up. As long as it's not a torrential downpour, we're okay," said Puissegur who owns Metry Cafe and Bar.

She adds that sometimes during bad weather, water seeps into her business.

"We stay open, they don't want to leave. They walk in one, two feet of water," Puissegur said.

While the bar stayed open, the rain impacted her business.

"It slowed down a little bit today. Some of the people didn't come in I guess because of the weather," Puissegur said.

She has boards at the ready to block out water if the rain picks up.

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