Sunshine lures French Quarter Fest attendees after Saturday washout

Sunshine lures French Quarter Fest attendees after Saturday washout
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - With near-perfect weather, Sunday, French Quarter Fest organizers don't want to wager a guess on attendance just yet, but say the event was packed.

After Saturday's acts were called off due to storms, they say locals and visitors, alike, swarmed to the Quarter.

"The clouds parted, the sunshine came out. It's absolutely beautiful," said French Quarter Fest President and CEO Emily Madero.

People showed up to French Quarter Fest in droves.

"We kind of just wanted to wait for the perfect day and this just seem to be it," said attendee Kelsey Wartelle.

It comes after organizers canceled all of Saturday for the first time in history. They say they made the call due to safety concerns over the threat of tornados, high winds and flash flooding. Now, French Quarter Fest leaders say they're looking to set an attendance record.

"If you look out at the crowd, it's packed out here. People are taking advantage of making up for lost time," said Madero.

Luckily, there were no reported issues after crews secured sound equipment, booths and stages, Friday night. And though festival coordinators ordered mulch, they say the ground was dry.

"People are having a great time dancing and we have all 23 stages open," Madero said.

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