NOPD looks for as many 8 suspects in Uptown sex assault

NOPD looks for as many 8 suspects in Uptown sex assault

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Tulane University and New Orleans police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a Tulane student and her friend after they left a bar near campus early Sunday morning.

Police are looking for as many as eight suspects.

The incident has stunned Tulane students as the university offers counseling to the victims.

The alleged sexual assault of the women happened in the 6100 block of South Claiborne Avenue after they left a popular Tulane hangout on Broadway Sunday morning. It occurred three hours after the women arrived at The Boot around 11 p.m.

"It's usually pretty cool. Sometimes some of the younger kids get drunk, but it's seems like everybody's pretty careful around here, and I've never seen any problems," said Uptown resident Bennett Loup.

Police said the women left the bar with an unknown man and  headed to their off-campus apartment. Police said shortly after the women returned home, six or seven unknown males arrived, entered the apartment and sexually assaulted both women.

Tulane issued a statement saying that they, along with the NOPD, are "aggressively pursuing this investigation in the hope of bringing the perpetrators to justice. Tulane has also offered the survivors of this terrible crime counseling and other needed support and assistance as they recover."

It's a situation that has made some Tulane students more cautious than ever.

"Always stay in a group. You can never walk home alone. That's a rule with our friends. If you ever want to go home, have at least one friend with you," said Tulane student Nikki Fish.

A bar manager said no one recalled anything unusual Saturday night, but they have surveillance video and will be glad to turn it over as the police investigation moves forward.

Tulane said it's "committed to ensuring the safety of our students both on and off campus, by its continued vigilance and university-wide efforts to end sexual violence."

So far, police have not put out any descriptions of the suspects.

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