Heart of Louisiana: April Strawberry Harvest

Heart of Louisiana: April Strawberry Harvest

(WVUE) - In April, the strawberries are big and red, and they're ripe and sweet. It's the perfect time for picking berries at the Liuzza family farm near Amite.

These kindergartners from Prairieville are spending the day on the farm, walking through the field and finding the perfect berries.

So how many strawberries do they have here at the Liuzza farm? They say they have two million strawberry plants spread out over a hundred acres.

The children get a tour of a large strawberry operation that provides fruit to major grocery stores in Louisiana. It's a hands-on experience.

Tanya is one of the managers at the farm.

"They've been in business growing and selling produce for over five generations," she said. "We have a little bit over 500 acres that we plant on. Everything on Liuzza's farm is planted by hand. Everything is also picked by hand.

We're gonna put two seeds, bury them and squirt them with water and

During the spring, up to 400 school kids each day are here, planting seeds and seeing where wool and eggs come from - and seeing produce before it's picked and delivered to the store.

But this time of year, it's all about strawberries.

Walking through endless rows of strawberry plants, looking under leaves, and making sure you have only the best berries filling you basket.

Throughout the month of April, Liuzza farms in Amite is open for you to pick you own strawberries on Saturday afternoons.

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