Love of New Orleans & Makin' Groceries inspires woman's Breaux Mart tattoo

Courtesy: Danielle Soethout
Courtesy: Danielle Soethout
Updated: Apr. 19, 2018 at 9:14 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A North Carolina woman is sporting a permanent reminder of her love for the Crescent City and its celebrated tradition of Makin' Groceries.

On April 13th, Danielle Soethout of Fayetteville and her friends decided to get tattoos together.

"Some friends and I were out getting Friday the 13th tattoos. I was pretty stumped on what to get. Someone asked me 'What do you love?', and Breaux Mart came to mind. I jokingly asked my Twitter followers for 5 retweets to seal the deal," Soethout said.

In all, 19 of her followers retweeted her sealing Soethout's fate.

A tattoo she titled "I Dream of Breaux Mart" now graces her right arm. It's a crescent moon and star surrounded by the words Breaux Mart.

Soethout said she first discovered the local grocery store chain when she was on vacation in New Orleans.

"As weird as it may sound, one of my favorite things to do is grocery shop, and Breaux Mart is hands down the best grocery store I've been to. They may end up being the reason I transfer permanently to New Orleans. I've already warned my boss," she said. "I just kind of stumbled upon Breaux Mart while walking down Magazine St. My first ever purchase there was a can of Bengal and gorilla tape to seal the doors in my rental (to keep roaches out)."

Soethout hinted the Breaux Mart tattoo may not be the art she dons in the future.

"This is a beautiful start to a grocery-themed sleeve. (I love groceries)," she tweeted after showing off her new ink.

Breaux Mart's social media team seemed pleased with Soethout's tattoo by retweeting her with the caption 1. We love you. 2. We need to see this in person 3. What are your plans next week!?

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