Sen. Kennedy calls for Schedler's resignation

Kennedy wants Schedler to resign
Updated: Apr. 27, 2018 at 5:45 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - "Secretary Schedler needs to step down and it hurts me to have to say that," says Sen. John Kennedy.

Kennedy calls for the Louisiana Secretary of State's resignation, saying Tom Schedler's sexually suggestive emails to his former employee Dawn Ross go too far.

"I think it's very clear Secretary Schedler used his powers as Secretary of State in an inappropriate way," says Kennedy.

Emails, cards and letters, obtained by The Advocate newspaper,show some of Schedler's exchanges with Ross. In one of the emails, Schedler told Ross he was "trying to undress her" with his mind.

"Bosses can't hit on their employees," says Kennedy.

"He is a creep or creepy," says Ross.

In an interview with the Louisiana Radio Network, Ross told her side of the story.

"He would yell at me. Other days, he would ask me to dinner, lunch or whatever," says Ross.

Ross has a sexual harassment lawsuit against Schedler, claiming he made unwanted sexual advances toward her for years, sending her unwanted gifts and even stalking her.

"He started leaving cards in my chair, and I was in a cubical at the time. He would come and sit in my cubical and make me really uncomfortable," says Ross.

Ross said she made it clear to Schedler that she wasn't romantically interested in him, but she says it continued to get worse.

"I felt like he wasted 10 years of my life following me everywhere I went. I was a prisoner in my house. I kept my curtains closed. I felt like I was living in a cave," she says.

Schedler did not deny the allegations made against him. He only called them unfair.

"I'm sorry to my family, to my staff and to all my loved ones and people who love me and I still love for how disappointing this is even with the allegations, but just remember there's some truth to the middle," says Schedler.

"Those emails are clear and those cards are clear. While our Secretary of State defends himself in court, I think he needs to step down," says Senator Kennedy.

Schedler said he will not seek re-election next year, but he said he will finish his term.

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