Lakeview looks to connect cameras to real-time crime center

Lakeview looks to connect cameras to real-time crime center
Updated: Apr. 27, 2018 at 9:35 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Crime prevention leaders in Lakeview hope authorities will soon be able to monitor surveillance cameras there in real time. This after the board voted unanimously to hook up cameras to the New Orleans Real Time Crime Center.

Lakeview Crime Prevention District wants to sync more than 100 cameras to the New Orleans Real Time Crime Center.

"Now, not only will we have the opportunity to take footage live in Lakeview, but now we can actually send it directly to the police in the event of a 911 call," said Lakeview Crime Prevention District President Brian Anderson.

While the there's no agreement in place yet, representatives with the mayor's office say the conversation has started.

"The monitoring side of it is something that our board has been debating for almost a year now, and when the city came online with their new crime time center, that made it a good availability for us," Anderson explained.

The Lakeview Crime Prevention District has agreements with residents and businesses to host more than 100 cameras throughout the area, but they're only good for trying to catch a crook after a crime occurred. Anderson says the move is more than two years in the making, and for good reason.

"So that we can make sure if we were spending the money, we were spending it in an adequate way so that we weren't wasting money," he said.

"I think it's definitely going to scare people, hopefully, the bad ones, and hopefully keep us safer," said Lakeview resident Tessa Harris.

Lakeview residents say they're optimistic that real-time monitoring will help to eventually deter crime.

"When criminals are caught and put away, there will be a trend of criminals knowing about that and not coming into the areas that have cameras and, 'Hey I don't want to go there, I'll end up getting caught,'" said Lakeview business owner Brad Murret.

Murret and his wife own NOLA Beans. He believes the new system will also help to support police. The crime prevention district hires off-duty officers to work overtime patrolling the area.

"They have a tough job as it is, so any support we can give them to help keep crime down, we want to do that," said Murret.

The monitoring is set to cost the district $60,000 a year, all of which will be paid through Lakeview tax dollars.

The Lakeview Crime Prevention District recently purchased four thermal scopes to put in police units for night patrols. Leaders say officers are now able to see heat signatures of possible perpetrators from blocks away in darkness.

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