Violent incidents drive concerns about Bridge City Center for Youth

Trouble at Bridge City Detention Center
Updated: May. 3, 2018 at 8:35 PM CDT
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BRIDGE CITY, LA (WVUE) - "This is pitiful," says Tracy Gloston.

Gloston and her sister drove in from Lake Charles to talk to someone at the Bridge City Youth facility.

"This place should have been closed down," says Gloston.

Her nephew, 17-year-old Devontae Gloston, is accused of committing two counts of battery on a correctional officer inside the youth facility back in February, as well as simple escape. Gloston's now a prisoner at the Jefferson Parish Jail.

"The last thing we hear is they locked him up, and all he told us was 'I didn't do it.' He said there's more than what they think it is," says Gloston.

According to the Officer of Juvenile Justice, an internal investigation revealed there was enough evidence to arrest Gloston.

Meanwhile, another violent incident unfolded inside the Bridge City Center for Youth Tuesday evening. That's when deputies transported four other offenders from the youth facility to the adult jail.

According to police records, when a correctional officer was exiting the dining hall, four suspects started choking and punching him. Police say once the staff was able to separate them, the four then ran to the barber shop located near the administration building, where one of the suspects started violently punching the plexiglass door. The door broke, and the plexiglass hit another correctional officer in the face. The office of Juvenile Justice says Bridge City staff members received medical treatment, and there were no serious injuries.

"They says the inmates treat people bad, and they curse them and everything," says Gloston.

Gloston is upset and wonders about the conditions inside the youth facility, where she says so much violence is happening. She says she still doesn't have any information about her nephew's February arrest.

"We drove all the way from Lake Charles because we can't get no answers. We call about it when it happened, and we still haven't heard nothing," says Gloston.

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