Former Kenner court manager arrested for 'fixing' relative's traffic ticket

Former Kenner court manager arrested for 'fixing' relative's traffic ticket
Paulette Cooper

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - A former City of Kenner court manager has been arrested and charged with malfeasance in office after allegedly "fixing" a traffic citation for a family member.

Paulette Cooper, 45, of Kenner, surrendered Thursday with her attorney on an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Cooper was arrested based on a complaint filed March 20 by the Director of the Clerk of Court and Mayor's Court and the City of Kenner Assistant Attorney, who told police that Cooper had altered court records without authorization.

According to the court management case log, a member of Cooper's family was issued a traffic citation on April 23, 2017, for speeding 49 mph in a 35 mph zone. An arraignment date was set for July 5, 2017. On that date Cooper's relative failed to appear in court. City of Kenner Magistrate Bruce Lizana issued an attachment order for Cooper's relative, along with a fine of $35 for contempt of court and the suspension of their driver's license.

The actions were entered into the court management system by Lizana. A short time later, the case log shows Cooper altered the court record by changing her family member's attendance status from "absent" to "none." She also canceled and deleted the attachment order, contempt fine and driver's license suspension.

Cooper remains in custody. No bond has been set.

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