YourVUE: Healthcare budget

YourVUE: Healthcare budget
Updated: May. 17, 2018 at 5:02 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Last week we began a new series of editorials called "Our Vue", with a discussion regarding the State House's approach to budgeting by defunding healthcare. We promised an opportunity for you to provide "Your Vue".
Dory from Metairie writes she doubts viewers would ever hear a legitimate rebuttal and said broadcast history was full of one-sided, leftwing propaganda.
She writes, "Mr. Ingram gave us no useful information only the typical Democrat, twisted truth, talking points supporting the incompetent Governor Edwards' desire to raise taxes.  Republicans presented a balanced budget, but Governor Edwards and his fellow cronies, like Jay Dardenne, have decided to fearmonger to get the tax increase they so greedily crave."
But Wayne from LaPlace takes a different view:

He says, "Our leaders in the state legislature made a serious mistake. If solvency requires a balanced budget then we are all lost." 
Wayne offers some solutions, including

  • Giving taxpayers a discount on future tax obligations by issuing TANs (tax anticipation notes)
  • Don't cut one benefit to the elderly and disabled until all subsidies to corporations are put on hold or stopped.
  • Any groups that get tax-exempt status need to reapply under closer scrutiny.

For the record, the State Senate stepped up with an option that fully funds healthcare, but cuts higher education and other state agencies by about 25%. That's not a workable solution either.
Now, like so many times before, we are headed to another special session as our elected officials continue to kick the "responsible budgeting can" down the road.

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