NOPD officer who rescued flood victim honored with offer of swim lessons

NOPD officer who rescued flood victim honored with offer of swim lessons
Officer Brian Frank (FOX 8 Photo)

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The New Orleans City Council on Thursday honored a New Orleans police officer for bravery during flooding May 18. Video of Officer Brian Frank's role in rescuing a woman has gone viral.

With the water rising at the Carrollton underpass, New Orleans police tried to blockade the road. But a woman drove right past the blockade into the water prompting Officer Frank to remove his utility bill and jump in.

"The video was amazing, but what's more amazing is Officer Frank's brave actions," said Councilwoman Helena Moreno.

Frank was awarded a special City Council commendation and a unique offer to address the fact that he can't swim.

"The Dryades Y will take care of you, and you come out and get swim lessons," said Councilman Jay Banks.

"Oh trust me, I'm all over it," said Frank.

The female driver was actually the second person officer Frank helped rescue May 18. Minutes earlier, Frank assisted a pickup truck driver who was stranded.

"That's him. He's caring, loving - everyone loves Bryan," said Officer Frank's mother, Bevelyn.

Frank said he's received thousands of shares of his posted video and well wishes from across the country.

"Everyone thinks we're bad," Frank said of the bad rap police officers sometime get. "We are not. We save lives, and I love doing it and I would do it again."

"I could see the fear in her face. She was frozen. Had you not done what you did, Rob (Masson) and Brittany (photographer Brittany Gray) would be covering a different story," said Councilman Jason Williams.

Frank said he's been getting a lot of good-natured ribbing from fellow officers and he said he loves every minute of it.

Both individuals officer Frank helped rescue May 18 are doing fine.

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