Three permanent pumps in Orleans Parish open in time for Hurricane Season

Three permanent pumps in Orleans Parish open in time for Hurricane Season

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Permanent flood protection at three main Orleans Parish canals is finally done. The repairs come 13 years after Katrina.

Thursday The Army Corps of Engineers will hand over control of the structures just one day before hurricane season begins.

The 17th street Canal is one of the three main drainage points for the City of New Orleans.

Since Hurricane Katrina, efforts have been underway to improve the drainage system in this area.

Temporary pumps were constructed, but about five years ago, the corps began constructing permanent canal closures and pumps here and at the other two drainage points at Orleans and London avenues.

There are now permanent, gated storm-surge barriers located on the Lakefront.

During a tropical storm or hurricane, the pumps will move rainwater out of the canals, around the gates and into the lake.

The pumps are also equipped with a stand-alone emergency power supply capacity so that it can operate independently.?

The Army Corps of Engineers say the new system is one of the largest and most powerful in the world.

"Now we have the second largest pump station in the world with the 17th street," said Ricky Boyett with the Army Corps of Engineers. "They are sustainable, they're more robust than the temporary pumps than we have and they'll be able to provide that 100-year level of risk reduction where we're able to prevent a storm surge associated with a one-percent storm from getting into the canals."

Officials will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony here later Thursday morning. The corp will hand over control of the new stations to the flood protection authority.

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