Humane Society warns of possible cat 'serial killer'

Humane Society warns of possible cat 'serial killer'
The Humane Society of Louisiana said someone decapitated a cat in Uptown New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A woman in the Uptown area of New Orleans found a decapitated cat in her neighborhood. The director of the Humane Society of Louisiana said this is a common practice around the world.

On Friday morning, the woman was walking through her neighborhood and saw the head of a black and white cat on the sidewalk near Eleonre and Coliseum.

She walked around the vicinity, trying to find any other remains of the cat, but she could not. There were only a few drops of blood under the cat's head, but no torso or tufts of hair near the cat that would indicate a struggle, It appeared that the cat's head had been deliberately severed with a sharp instrument and placed where others could see it, Jeff Dorson of the HSL said.

"We have investigated and received multiple reports of domestic cats found surgically cut in half, and it is a crime that has been documented across the country," Dorson said.

The HSL is concerned this was a deliberate act.

"It appears that the cat's head was placed on the sidewalk deliberately, like a sick trophy. It bothered me so much that I can not stop thinking about it.," the woman who discovered the act said.

New Orleans police were notified about the discovery.