Crocodile kills pastor during baptism in Ethiopia

Crocodile kills pastor during baptism in Ethiopia
Pastor Docho Eshete had just started baptizing 80 people when the crocodile attacked him.

(RNN) – A Protestant pastor lost his life when a crocodile attacked him during a baptism in south Ethiopia.

Docho Eshete was in the process of baptizing about 80 people at Lake Abaya in the town of Arba Minch.

"He baptized the first person and he passed on to another one," Ketema Kairo told the BBC. "All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor."

The pastor was bitten on his hands, legs and back.

Fishermen threw nets around the croc to keep it from dragging his body into the lake.

While they recovered the body, the crocodile escaped.

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