Graphic testimony heard in rape case involving Marines

Updated: Jun. 6, 2018 at 5:48 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It's a case one defense attorney said was nothing short of crazy.

"This was basically the Warriors in the fourth quarter of probable cause hearings," says Craig Mordock.

Four separate attorneys represented three Marines and an ROTC member during a hearing to establish whether there was probable cause to arrest them for rape.

"We weren't surprised by anything the detective had to say other than her characterization of some of the sexual encounters," says Mordock.

The four men are accused of raping a Tulane student and her friend back in April.

A detective who took the stand Wednesday for nearly two hours told the court there's no toxicology report or rape kit on either victim.

"I think it's very significant. I think it calls the entire night into question," says Mordock.

The NOPD, however, is still waiting on DNA evidence collected from as many as 15 condoms from inside the apartment.

Relying on statements, police say the two women left an Uptown bar with Antonio Landrum and returned to their apartment, where they say Landrum had sex with both women. One woman told police the sex was not consensual. Police say Landrum then invited over three friends, who the women claimed raped them. Complicating matters, though, is the fact that according to the detective, the two women in this case wanted to have sex with some of the men charged but not others.

"The victims in the case have indicated different stories, depending on what happened," says Mordock.

The detective testified that after the alleged rapes occurred, one of the victims had coffee at PJ's with three of the suspects. The NOPD has surveillance video from the coffee house.

"It indicates at the time she didn't think anything was unusual about this" says Mordock.

"I mean, the evidence is pretty clear. My client walked hand-and-hand after these events with one of the victims and two fellow Marines. They had coffee together and then went back to base. After the fact, hours later, somebody decides that consent wasn't given," says Roger Jordan.

The prosecutor told the judge probable cause was clearly established back in April when another judge signed a warrant for the suspects' arrests. Still, the judge told the court he was taking all the testimony into consideration before making his decision.

"I believe the judge is going to do the right thing," says Mordock.

"This young man just wants to go back to his life and go back to being a marine and we look forward to that," says Jordan.

The judge will announce his decision at the next hearing scheduled for June 18.

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