Visitors become victims in string of armed robberies throughout the city

Visitors become victims in string of armed robberies throughout the city
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Armed robberies throughout the city in recent weeks have targeted tourists.

Just Monday, a man from Chicago told police he was in the French Quarter when he was attacked from behind and robbed. Investigators say when the tourist tried to chase the robber and his female accomplice, the woman turned and fired a shot in his direction, but the bullet missed him.

This comes on the heels of three other armed robberies of tourists in the city in just over a week. Last Tuesday, several visitors from London became victims of a home invasion while staying at an Airbnb in the St. Claude neighborhood. Just two days later, a man attacked a woman in the Seventh Ward, grabbing her purse and beating her until neighbors took action.

Then Sunday, police arrested 19-year-old Jaeson Krauss for robbing two tourists at gunpoint on Dumaine Street in the French Quarter. Police say in that case, the they were able to catch Krauss was because of all the surveillance cameras in the area.

"They're absolutely force multipliers, and they also help us figure out what happened after the fact, right? So a lot of times victims don't recall things that happen. Obviously, having that picture - you saw that picture from Dumaine Street - having that picture to put out there, and then once we actually stop the individual because we got the plate from the camera. Having that picture, look at him and say yeah that's the same guy. It's just invaluable to investigations," Eighth District Commander Nick Gernon said.

He said Krauss has a criminal past and is now suspected in several armed robberies over the weekend. He was arrested a couple of weeks ago for aggravated assault with a firearm. After conducting search warrants Tuesday, police found stolen property from armed robbery victims in his possession.

He is now booked with three counts of armed robbery. Police say they are still investigating and expect more charges to follow.

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