Council demanding answers from Entergy on renewability, reliability

Council demanding answers from Entergy on renewability, reliability

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans City Council is demanding more answers from Entergy.

The council's utility committee said they will be meeting to focus on the company's lack of progress in key areas.

There are two key areas the council says they will focus on Thursday - renewability and reliability.

The council said they'll be asking questions about a lack of progress - and answers - in those two areas.

When it comes to renewability, the council said Entergy has promised progress for more than two years.

According to the council, Entergy has only provided a small portion of a promised 100 megawatts of renewable energy to the city,and is supposed to have projects for that ready to go in just a month.

When it comes to reliability, the council is looking for more answers about clear skies outages.

Last year, the council opened an investigation after looking through a year of data which showed nearly 58 percent of power outages happened when the weather was good.

A non-profit group we spoke to last year about those outages believes they show major problems with Entergy's infrastructure.

"So when we're seeing that we've got real problems related to our infrastructure we want to make sure that customers are getting what they're paying for," said Logan Burke with Alliance for Affordable Energy. "If the utility is saying we need to build something or install something to take care of reliability issue we want to get to the bottom of what that reliability issue really is."

Thursday's meeting takes place as the council is also investigating Entergy for its use of paid actors in council meetings. Because it is still open the investigation is not expected to be discussed.

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