VIDEO: Hey, hey, hey ... It's Haynado!

LINN COUNTY, OR (WVUE) - Remember the Bill Paxton cinematic classic yarn "Twister?"

The disaster adventure film gave Paxton and his ragtag storm chasers a chance to pit themselves with a massive tornado that was tearing up some part of the Midwest.

A woman in Oregon had a similar encounter with dust devil in Oregon.

Jennifer Scott, who posted the video to YouTube, was with her children when a large swirl of hay whipped across the road she was driving along.

The video shows the haynado moving closer to Scott's truck. She asks her children if she should keep going. Of course they said, "yes!"

She wasn't so sure about the challenge, but eventually the kids and Scott got a kick out being inside of the haynado as it passed over the vehicle.

"We were inside of it," one of the children exclaimed.

"We were totally inside of it," Scott responded.

No one was injured. Reportedly, all cows were safe … Unlike this guy: