Fireworks stands emptier than anticipated due to bad weather

Fireworks stands emptier than anticipated due to bad weather

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - Firework sales are taking a hit this year as stormy weather slows down business.

Some firework stands in Gretna were quiet on the biggest day to buy them.

"It's been a little slow this year. Of course, the rain has slowed it down, and the threat of rain this evening is slowing things down, but hopefully the weather will hold out and people will come out and celebrate the Fourth of July," Lawson's Fireworks Owner Russell Lloyd said.

Lloyd runs two stands, and says rainy skies this past week put a damper on his business.

"It puts sales behind, but it's still early and hopefully people will wake up and see it's a beautiful day and come out," Lloyd said.

As the day went on, people started trickling in.

"We're coming to get some fireworks so the boys could pop their fireworks!" Edith Conretti said.

Conretti took her son to buy bags full of fireworks for the night.

"Okay, give him four, since he really wants it," she said to the cashier as she filled up their bag with fireworks.

She says she waited until the last day because of rainy skies.

"The weather was bad and you can't get out of Gretna when it's raining. It floods, so I couldn't go get it until today," Conretti said.

Others have big plans for the night as well.

"We're gonna stay in the point, we're going to have a couple of house parties, you know, kind of a progressive situation. Then we're going to take these down to the levee and we're going to have a little pre-firework show before the main firework show," Tony Donno said.

Those not planning on setting some off themselves can watch a professional fireworks show launched from dueling barges.

"This eight inch goes up somewhere around three football fields in the air before it makes the break. So the top of this thing will be somewhere around 1,200 feet above the ground," Senior Technician Bill Hatchett said as he described one of their biggest shells.

Hatchett says they'll put on a bang for locals and tourists alike.

"This is an outstanding show. Something they're not going to see in their local hometowns, I'll guarantee you," Hatchett said.

Meanwhile, Lloyd says he's hoping more people will show up as it gets closer to nighttime.

"We're still waiting. We've had a few customers this morning, but nothing like we thought we would have," Lloyd said.

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