FOX 8 Defenders: More tourists fall victim to OBL Travel ruse

FOX 8 Defenders: More tourists fall victim to OBL Travel ruse

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - As thousands are traveling in for Essence Fest, some found out they didn't have hotel rooms they thought they paid for. More victims are coming forward saying the travel company, OBL Travel swindled their hard-earned money.

Thousands have traveled here to Essence Fest for the weekend, but some say their experience was nearly ruined

Kerry Gouff didn't find out until arriving at the hotel that the reservations she thought she paid for through the OBL Travel Company were not secured. She said they had no option but to pony up an additional 12 hundred dollars on top of the thousand dollars she's already spent. And she's not alone in her story.

"We were looking forward to a great time booked some travel and things didn't go as planned," said Gouff.

IKiesha Howard and her group discovered the issue with their hotel stay before arriving. And while experiencing Essence Fest, OBL Travel comes up frequently in conversations.

"From the taxis to the Lyft drivers the restaurant vendors everywhere; it's an epidemic across Louisiana everyone knows what's going on in New Orleans regarding this whole OBL travel it's been hundreds of people affected by this," she said.

We've tried to contact OBL Travel's owner, Nakesia Washington for a week now through phone, email, social media. She's even promoting reservations for next year's Essence Fest on her website, but Washington has not answered any of our calls. She did send out an email to her customers. In it she apologizes and says she did not have malicious intent, is trying to resolve the issue, and promises people will be reimbursed.

Both women said they paid Washington through a third-party site, Eventbrite with credit and debit cards, but have not received the promised reimbursements.

FOX 8 legal analyst, Joe Raspanti says that could mean criminal charges, but in trying to recoup money he says victims wouldn't have much to gain from a civil suit.

"You can sue the pope for pandering on Poydras street but you're not going to collect any money these people will probably fly by night and they're not the Hartford Insurance Company so they probably won't collect; their best avenue is criminal restitution," said Raspanti.

Gouff and Howard have different ideas about what really happened with OBL Travel, but both have filed police reports to try and recoup their money.

"Too much money was coming in at one time and she got a little too happy and a little too greedy," said Gouff.

"I think that she had a really bad turnout she got in over her head a lot of money came in and she didn't account for funds properly," said Howard.

I reached out to the state attorney general's office to see if they were investigating the claims. They told me they cannot comment on any potential investigation. They encourage anyone affected to call the AG's consumer protection hotline at 800-351-4849.

The Orleans parish district attorney's office did not return our calls with questions about whether they're investigating OBL travel.

The FOX 8 Defenders, staffed with volunteers from the National Council of Jewish Women, field consumer complaints at 1-877-670-6397, or you can fill out an online complaint form.

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