The wife of a crime spree victim wants to see his accused shooter face-to-face

The wife of a crime spree victim wants to see his accused shooter face-to-face

(WVUE) - A St. Rose widow will in Orleans Criminal Court on Friday to face the man police say murdered her husband, Ricky Goins. Police accuse Charles Williams in an April carjacking and shooting spree that killed Goins and fractured other lives forever.

"This is his mausoleum here," said Erica Goins as she walked up to the marble slab bearing Ricky Goins' name.

Erica and Ricky married on June 10, 2016, and blended their families after a courtship that started when the Saints won the Super Bowl. The fairy tale ended on April 22 when Rickey left home in his Audi to get picture hangers.

"These flowers were his anniversary gift," she said. "There was not much more I could buy him other than these flowers."

Ricky took a ride to Wal-Mart for the picture hangers and also decided to take a ride to the Lakefront. A man name Charles Williams crossed his path on Elysian Fields and allegedly shot Goins in the head. Goins' Audi crashed into other cars.

"Someone who knew absolutely nothing about me or my family had no reason at all to do this something so horrendous to take a life," Erica said.

Goins was the only person killed in the crime spree, but at least six others were wounded. Erica Goins plans to head to Criminal Court to see Williams face-to-face at a discovery hearing.

"If he's in court tomorrow, that will  be the first time I'll see him. I need him to understand how important this is to me and what he's taken from me," she said.

Williams pleaded not guilty to 39 felony counts, including second-degree murder and multiple counts of attempted murder.

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