'All gas, no brakes' for Wave offense with Jonathan Banks at QB

'All gas, no brakes' for Wave offense with Jonathan Banks at QB

(WVUE) - Jonathan Banks second year at the Manning Passing Academy will lead him into his second year as Tulane's starting quarterback. The Green Wave hope that he and his offense pick up right where they left off... you know.. besides that infamous ending at SMU that kept them from reaching a bowl game.

"We've kind of looked past that. It was a tough loss at SMU. We fell an inch short if anything. Some people say I was in. Some people say I was out. We've just been preparing this offseason for August 30th against Wake Forest. That's the only thing on our minds," Jonathan Banks.

That's when Banks says their campaign to prove a lot of people wrong begins.

"It's a senior-led team that we have. We've got a bunch of our receivers coming back, a bunch of our offensive line coming back, defense coming back. This could be the year. This will be the year, matter of fact," said Banks.

As a senior leader, Banks knows that the offense and the entire team will go as far as he does at quarterback.

"With me having two years under my belt being a starter at Tulane, I'm way more confident as a leader. I'm way more confident with play calls. I'm able to check things and get us out of certain situations," said Banks.

And above all, as long as he stays healthy, Banks gives Tulane's offense the element of unpreditability. He's a proven runner, and converted a lot of big downs with his legs in 2017. Toward the season, he became more comfortable as a passer as well, which proved to be big against Houston and SMU down the stretch. Before our very eyes, Banks began to live up to his favorite phrase: all gas, no brakes.

"You know, that's just my motto. I'm just full speed. I'm always going at all times. I'm at the point in my life where I don't have time for many breaks. I've got a goal in my life. I've got a goal for our team, where I want our team to be. With that being said, I'm working as hard as I can. I want to be one of the greatest. I want to have one of the greatest Tulane teams they've ever had. So me and all my teammates are all gas, no brakes at all times," said Banks.