Surveillance video captures Gentilly car break-ins, a Lakeview car theft

Surveillance video captures Gentilly car break-ins, a Lakeview car theft
Updated: Jul. 17, 2018 at 9:29 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Caught on camera in two separate incidents: A car theft and a break in, and victims are calling for something to be done.

A Lakeview resident woke up to a call he dreaded Monday morning - that his car had been stolen out of his driveway.

His neighbor's surveillance video captured how they stole his jeep, making several attempts to back out, running into the neighbor's house, even ripping out a column before driving away with the SUV.

"I'm obviously shocked. It's my car because my car was the first in the driveway and my girlfriend's was behind me so I was perplexed in how they got it out," said the car owner.

The car owner says any other day his car would still be in his drive. But that night, his neighbors' car wasn't parked in its usual spot to block their escape route, and the car door was left unlocked.

But he was especially shocked at how brazen and persistent they were.

"Anger. I felt violated. It's crazy to think someone can steal something so easily and with no care in the world," said the car owner.

Then, Monday night over in Gentilly, auto body shop owner Glenn Wilson said what appears to be a group of seven or eight teenagers caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to cars in his lot.

"It's going to cost a lot of money, but I deal with how life comes at me and right now I have to deal with it," said Wilson.

The surveillance video from Wilson's shop shows the group walking down the street to his business, and over the fence. That's when Wilson said they started opening car doors.

"A lot of the cars had keys in them, so when they found that out they took and started them up," said Wilson.

They attempted to drive a couple of the cars off the lot, through the fence, even knocking down part of a tree. The group ultimately walked, not drove away, but not before one of them tried handling what appears to be a handgun.

"Someone needs to get them on the right path because right now they're going down the wrong path," said Wilson.

Both men say they have filed police reports. We contacted NOPD to see if they are investigating either event but have not heard back on the status of the cases.

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