Heart of Louisiana: Middle Ages

Heart of Louisiana: Middle Ages
Updated: Jul. 24, 2018 at 8:51 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - It's not exactly the kind of home that you would expect to find in Cajun South Louisiana, and the weekend sporting events date from Medieval times.

"I wanted to take up fighting with swords because I've always wanted to be a knight or a samurai," said Scott Courville.

"It is absolutely a thrill, it's a blast," said Scott Courville. "It's great people, just an amazing sport all the way around. Love it. I'll do it until i can't do it anymore."

It's a hot Sunday afternoon in a downtown Lafayette Park. Members of the society of creative anachronism are living out their dreams of being knights in armor doing battle. Trying not to get hit.

"Any hits that would be to your arms or your legs is considered the loss of that limb," Courville said. "If you lose, you would lose that arm and continue to fight with your other one. If you get hit in the legs, you fall to your knees and you continue to fight. If you get hit in the chest or the back or anywhere in the head, it's considered a kill.

Scott Parks is a long-time member of the society. He and his wife are both physicians in the town of Ville Platte. His adopted persona is Sir William Reed.

"The dream is loving the Middle Ages, so why not dress up and and recreate some of it?" Reed said.

For parks, part of living his Medieval dream was building a dream home.

"This is what happens when you go from being a history buff to researching and then taking on the character of an English Knight from the early 13th Century.

The Parks' family home has the look of a castle. From its imitation stone walls and two high turrets, the massive wood door, strapped in iron. And the imitation drawbridge over the moat. He decided against a working drawbridge.

"And then I considered how often I would have to be pulling someone out of the moat if I if i raised them once I had the bridge up," he said.

There are many more Medieval warriors and knights who are part of the society of creative anachronism.

"We have multiple kingdoms have developed, uh, through different regions of the United States," Parks said.

It's a way for grownups to still pretend.

"It just kind of never went away," Parks said. "I never grew out of, it i guess."

For these warriors, it's about the thrill of battle and nursing a few bruises, and one knight can always retreat to the comfort and safety of his castle.

Throughout the year, there are several major events where members of the society for creative anachronism face off on a battlefield with hundreds of warriors.

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