Drew Brees debuts new gear at training camp

Drew Brees debuts new gear at training camp

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - In another step to increase player safety, the NFL banned 10 helmets that tested poorly. Thirty-four helmets were tested for safety and 10 helmets that finished at the bottom of the rankings were listed as prohibited. Six are banned in 2018 and the final four next season. Saints quarterback Drew Brees' helmet is in that number banned by the league.

"I've tried to enter into the 21st Century here. Turns out my helmet was on the banned helmet list as of next year. So I tried to preemptively get ahead of that. Instead of making me take it off next year, I figured I would make the move this year. My old helmet is outlawed, and they don't make it anymore. Eventually it will be totally obsolete," said Drew Brees.

Brees was actually ahead of his time on the move, but a former teammate rebuked the headgear change.

"I attempted to make the move about four years ago, and I wore one of these alien looking helmets in the huddle. I remember Lance Moore, right when I stepped in the huddle. He was looking at me, and he kind of stood up and gave me this look. Bro, I can't take you serious wearing that helmet. So I was like forget it, get this out of here, go back to the old one," said Brees.

One other thing you might've noticed, Brees' name on his helmet. During training camp, from the no-names to the veterans like Cam Jordan, they all have them.

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