Potential for new abortion clinic in New Orleans East receives mixed reaction

Potential for new abortion clinic in New Orleans East receives mixed reaction

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A new abortion clinic plans to open in New Orleans East, but with the clinic comes lots of mixed reaction.

There are no waiting rooms full of patients yet, only a sign outside the future clinic.

According to the Orleans Parish assessor's website, Dr. Rashonda Dean purchased the building on Crowder Boulevard in January to be the Deanz Health Care for Women for $175,000.

The Louisiana Department of Health says the clinic has applied to be licensed as an abortion clinic, though the application is currently under review.

It's the sign outside the location of the future clinic, though that originally caught the attention of the pro-life group, Louisiana Right to Life.

Alex Seghers with the group says they've started a petition against the clinic, fearful it will not only take advantage of those in the Gentilly and New Orleans East areas, but also because they're against the service the clinic will offer.

"Abortion takes a human life. Abortion is violence, and New Orleans in general needs more peace and healthcare. But abortion means more violence and is not a safe alternative for women going through a pregnancy," said Seghers.

But those living in the area say there's a desperate need for business and resources. Long-time resident Roger Harris recognizes the sensitivity of the subject. But as a new grandfather, Harris says he can see both sides of the argument.

"There are certain things, rape, stuff like that maybe they didn't want the child or it was too traumatic for them at that time. On the other side of the coin, it is hard to think that someone is going to take someone's life," said Harris.

Dr. Rashonda Dean, the doctor over the practice, sent a statement that reads:

"I believe that all women have freedom of choice and deserve compassionate care. At Deanz Health Care For Women, it is my goal to treat all patients with dignity and respect while delivering the best quality health care in an environment where patients can feel safe and comforted."

There is no date set on when the clinic plans to open.

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